The project takes a current issue regarding student housing in Amsterdam into consideration, and offers a plan in which the renovation of the Dutch row house
is discussed.

The ‘Get To Know You’ House


Given the extremely strict measurements of the Dutch row house, the main idea was to optionally use all the space to plan the interior of the building. Consequently, I divided the space equally for two students to share the house.

With the help of rectangular windows in different shapes and sizes, the interior is lit up from all directions. Except for the bedrooms and their own private bathrooms, both the ground foor and the 2nd floor is optional to share/ or keep private.

Since the street side of the building belongs to one student, and the garden side to another, they are slightly forced to systematically see each other - and by time - get to know each other. Extensively growing interactions would lead to longer conversations, and at the end, to possible friendships and collaborations. 

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.