. . .a multimedia artist & designer, director, art director and set designer.

I am. . .

(NL) +31641122177 (HU) +36309779072

I do. . .

. . .art direction, creative content creation (social media), direction (music videos & commercials), treatment design,
video editing, graphic design, photography, interior & set design,
object & furniture design, etc . . .

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. . .a contradiction of myself, probably. I spent most of my childhood in a village in Western Hungary. When 10, I moved to Budapest and later to other cities in Europe as well. As my surroundings changed periodically and on different scales, my environmental roles developed parallel to them. In my work I always relate back to the time spent on the countryside: To be at home with nature, and to the simple but essential philosophies of life that help us understand the complexities of the world. My mission with being an applied artist/designer is to create and recreate informed simplicity; provide home and nostalgy by designing spaces, things and atmospheres

I started studying architecture as an afternoon activity at the Corvin Art School in Budapest in 2014 and later applied for Interior and Spatial Design at the Napier University. After finishing the first year, I transferred to the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and started studying Architectural Design.
I  graduated in 2019 and received my BA diploma in Art & Design in the field of Architectural Design. Later in 2022 I finished my MAsters in Media Design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art & Design.

2022 -: mimosa (GR) - art director
2021 - 23: NUMEN for Use (GR) - assistant scenographer
2019: production assitance at Odd Matter Studio (NL)
2018: production internship at NUMEN for Use (GR)

Freelancing I worked with clients like Wizz Air, OTP, Coca Cola, Fuze Tea, etc. as an art director and/or set designer through agencies like UMBRELLA, Mito, Recordline, etc.


December 2022 - February, 2023 _ Don Juan: assistant scenographer for NUMEN for Use (National Theatre, Budapest)

June, 2022 _ Masters Graduation Show at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art & Design

June, 2022 _ DAIGE - The Gem Story campaign: art director

March, 2022 _ Babé Sila - Fresh Pinks music video: director, editor & production designer 

February, 2022 _ Paris Fashion Week: AERON - custom furniture design pieces for the showroom

February - June, 2021 _ The Master and Margarita: assistant scenographer for NUMEN for Use (National Theatre, Budapest)

May, 2021 _ Babé Sila - live at Primavera Festival: creative director

February, 2021 _ Babé Sila - a live session at Holiday Studios: art director

November, 2020 _ OTP 3D Secure commercial: art director

November, 2020 _ #acsaladazcsalad campaign: production designer

August, 2020 _ Babé Sila - Goldfish/live: director (together with Alíz V. Ács & Eszter Takács) & editor

August, 2020 _ Recordline, WOW Hungary - Őrség commercial: 2nd assistant director

June, 2020 _ DAIGE x BABA Swings: set design for photoshoot & face of new capsule collection 

March, 2020 _ Babé Sila - Hole: direction & production design

February, 2020 _ OBJECT Rotterdam: exhibition of the BABA collection

September, 2019 _ Surfana Festival: exhibition of MAMA (Recess)

July, 2019 _ Graduation Show at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

May, 2017 _The Voice of Materials: group exhibition at the Looiersgracht 60 Gallery

March, 2017 _ UNCUT - What is happening to our brain?: group exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.