(MA Graduation work /media design/, 2022)

We all like to get lost in the turmoil of this loaded modern world full of material and information. After the era of radio and television, with the advent of the www, communication has become even faster and denser. What’s supplied, and with that the degree of temptation, has increased significantly, making it extremely difficult for us to create judgment of the events of the world objectively.

Based on several months of research into the phenomenon of information overload and the dissertation (Media as Cartography) that resulted from that, the the components of this multimedia installation are closely related both in language and in how they operate. They form one whole physical structure which renders the problematic and contradictory nature of information processing - both on an individual and collective level. While the “lottery sphere” randomly tosses us factual information, the suspended materials depict pieces of a personal mind-map made during the research.


The elements of the installation and the fabric of its structure are intended to arouse the viewer's interest through their industrial aesthetics, as well as to invite them to actual interaction and play. SHOWROOM is - literally - a showroom, an outlet where you can make your own way based on individual choices and participation.

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.