Rezdülés’ in Hungarian is a poetic expression for resonace. Reminiscing on the times of singing in a children’s choir, I intended to reinterpret and rematerialise the magnificence of human voice.



‘Rezdülés’ is a tribute to one of the most emotional phrases of my life and to a choir’s sonic power.

Most beautiful in the process of our resonating voice is that the operation does not end when we stop at the end of a sentence, or song. The air travels further, and it takes the waves with it. It stops, when it hits another surface. Then it vibrates on the surface for a while, and just then, the density absorbs the sound. Meanwhile, when we sing, the vibrations we cause are much vigorous. Singing requires a set posture by all means, bigger amount of air, and more muscles. We use a wider range of volumes, tones, pitches, and strengths, and we also have to articulate faster, and more dynamic.

The group exhibition took place in the Looiersgracht 60 gallery, in 2017. The project was initiated by Marie-Ilse Bourlanges and Elena Khurtova artist duo.

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.