While the different meanings of recess point to “a small space” that was adjusted further from a wall, “a fitment”, or “a withdrawal”, in all of these cases the emphasis is on, how I say, ‘something small, that we can fill while taking a break.’

MAMA (Recess)

(Graduation Project 2, 2019)

all photographs taken by Charlie Birch

As a continuation of the object series ‘BABA’, ‘MAMA’ emerged to be a space that is playful, kind and inviting, but also touches the human mind in such therapeutic ways that it triggers thougts about intimate memories of birth, a caring grandmother, or a hide-away. It opens our subconscious and brings us to the better understanding and acceptance of existence.


“I investigate the materialisation of this ethereal journey through the human mind in a way that emphasises and appeals to thoughts that are driven by our memories and imagination and are interwoven with our reality. Allowing us to cuddle with space. As we grow up, we are constantly being detached from our environments. It all begins when we leave the body of our mothers to which we were clinging onto as the safest place. Physically we start “growing away” from all the small nooks and corners supporting our understanding of the world, although mentally, this feeling is something we never fully abandon.”

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.