DON JUAN (Numen for Use)

(assistant scenographer/2023)

Don Juan Tenorio, the quintessential womanizer, embodies the age-old question of whether society can accept what the heart desires. This adaptation seeks to explore this question by presenting glimpses of the hero’s life without passing judgement on each situation, leaving
interpretation open. 

The concept of this scenography was based on hypocrisy. The entire stage becomes a magnificent baroque luxury. A church in appearance but a brothel in function. The stage is fixed, with a few moving parts that are unusually large. The actors are choreographed around these elements in a light and airy manner, while their body language references the edginess (literally), complexity, and discomfort of the stage.

The centerpiece of the stage is a 10x10 meter mirror foil that represents the heavens. It descends over the entire stage at specific moments during the play, adding an additional layer of depth to the performance.

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.