Together with Alíz V. Ács and Eszter Takács we created a styling and an atmosphere for Babé Sila to sing her new song ‘Goldfish’ in a live setting. “On the live version of “Goldfish”, Sila provides a feeling that is elevated in this intimate and wonderfully shot video. Coming from her latest EP, Plum, Sila doesn’t hold back the raw emotions of desire.” - writes Central Sauce magazine.

Babé Sila - Goldfish /live

(Creative Direction & Editing, 2020)

“As Babé Sila’s single Goldfish is revolving around female sensuality and empowerment the team intended to depict Sila as the erotic and mysterious being that she is.

The visuals are playing with the duality of being aqueous and fiery at the same time – the wet slick look and the orangey lights are resembling these two poweful natural elements – such as female desire.

Placing the concept in a live setting, during recording the reality of this raw but enchanted energy truly came to life.” -  Last Day Deaf magazine.

photographs by Ádám Földi

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.