For our 3rd collaboration, for ‘Fresh Pinks’ I thought about rendering different dimensions, but this time more focusing on time than space. I intended to create an atmosphere enveloped in classicity and nostalgia. “Cutting between different forms of memory, the clip seems to probe the role self-made constructions of ourselves play in our daily lives.” -  Clash Magazine.

Babé Sila - Fresh Pinks

(Direction & Editing, 2022)

Throughout the video she goes from a casual setting in the makeup chair over to a glamorous performance space where she’s set to be all by herself — but in the other dimension, she wanders around to collect her bandmates to come together and perform the song together. 

We intended to layer these moments so that even when she sings alone the audience have a feeling that the music and the band is with her – maybe from within. This is an homage to a love that’s passed but preserved as a vivid memory full of fresh pinks.

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.