In this thesis I write about the evolution of growing out of our personal spaces. I aim to raise awareness of possible simple solutions on how we should be pampering ourselves into our ever-existent intimate spaces and the practice of thereby merging the subconscious (memories and imagination) with reality.

Against Oblivion

(Thesis Writing & Design, 2019)

The cover is made of a soft recycled cardboard material with a woollen patch on the front for extra hapticity. Out of the 15 copies, each has a different shape and colour of the skin of the woollen patch on it. The engraved title also forms to each different patch in its curve variously.

I visualised a sketched figure that represents people and acts like the protagonist of the story following us throughout the pages. With the help of its body, it illustrates every main information and theory, thereby giving simpler explanations to my words. The design of the text also takes the shapes of all the things that are being said. While sometimes, there is full interaction between content, format and figure.

Containing an additional separate ‘dictionary’ and a folding out appendix with reference images, one helps explaining the other, and together they provide supplementary visualisation for the book’s content.

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.